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Once you complete the order, we will send you a link to our creative brief

After you submit the creative brief, a team of talented and award winning designers will be assigned to your project

Your project will be created on Basecamp where you will meet your team, communicate with them, check the calendar

In 7-9 business days, we will come back to you with 6 initial logo design concepts, beautifully presented to you with real world usage

You select the design concept of your choice and we will work with you to fine tune and tweak the design to your liking

Once you finalize the design, we will give you final logo files in 8 different formats including vector (EPS and AI) and web (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, TIF)

We will give you a 100% ownership certificate and transfer of copyright at the end of the process

how crowdspring works for custom package graphics design...

Partner with us for a whole new change.

Are you looking for a project collaboration? Or just simply a creative solution?